Give, Grow & Be Grateful: An Introduction

Give, Grow & Be Grateful is my life’s motto and I’m in the process of turning it into a book by documenting a large portion of it in podcast format. To get the most out of it, please make sure you start with this introduction episode and go through the episodes in order. Your involvement and input is important to the final product so please get involved (subscribe, comment below, and share).

In this episode:

  • I introduce you to the Give, Grow & Be Grateful podcast/book/concept so you know what to expect.
  • I share a little bit of my story, who I am, why you should listen and why I’m passionate about helping you live your best life.
  • Then I explain the next steps as well as my commitment to you.
  • At the end of each episode I will give you a micro-action that will overtime help you develop positive pathways that will lead to success, happiness and fulfillment. 

Episode Notes:

  • The Give, Grow & Be Grateful podcast/concept/book and explain how we’ll progress forward.
    • Instead of writing a book I am speaking it in a podcast format, so you are getting the sneak preview before it’s published.
    • I will be providing insight, strategies and stories that will help you create a vision for the future, reach your goals, master your mind and emotions.. and of course live a happier and more fulfilled life.
  • A little background on myself.
    • About 12 years ago… I was dead broke… and at one of the lowest points in my life.
    • I had started a company called (ESP) Entertainment & Sports Productions and I was throwing Ultimate Fighting type events with Randy Couture and Matt Lindland (where I trained at Team Quest) and while it was a great experience and I had a lot of fun…
    • I was raising an amazing 4 year old girl…it was Dec… and I was not not making enough money to be able to pay my bills let alone the mortgage on the house… or get Christmas presents for my daughter.
    • I felt like a complete failure…as a man, as a father, as a provider… I remember….I broke down crying…
    • But something also changed in me.. I didn’t want to be the person I felt like… so I decided to change.
    • It wasn’t but three months later that I met the woman of my dreams… who I ended up Marrying and having our son…
    • Later on in 2009.. I started Webfor, a creative and digital marketing agency that helps business elevate their brand online.
    • Today we employ 15 people and our team has won multiple awards.
    • I sit on multiple boards, volunteer my time and give generously… so what did I do?
    • That is exactly what I’m going to share with you in the upcoming episodes. Together we can find where you want to be in the future and determine what choices you need to make now to get there.

My commitment to you. I will be producing a new episode each week for 52 weeks or until I feel I’ve poured out my soul into this book. You will get 100% raw transparency from me. This is a passion project for me. I’m not doing this for profit. Any future proceeds that come from this will go towards non-profits that support our youth. In fact my company, Webfor is sponsoring the Toast for Teens event hosted by the Boys and Girls Club of SW WA coming up in a few weeks.

How can you support the show, help others and help yourself going forward? First, make sure you subscribe. Please share the show on social and if a specific episode or comment resonates with you, please comment and/or share that episode with others.

At the end of each episode I will ask you to take what I call a micro-action. This is something small that will not take much time on your part, but overtime all of these micro-actions will act like a snowball rolling down a hill and you will gain momentum towards your goals.

A commitment I ask of you is that you take the minute or two to do this small micro action. Today’s micro-action – Subscribe to the show and either listen to the first episode or set a time that you’re going to listen to it. Easy peezy… right!

I am excited to be on this path with you and I want to thank you for your time and attention. I promise I will not waste that gift!