How I Stay On Top of My Game

Staying on top of your game day in and day out can be an exciting challenge. Your life is yours to live, and realizing that you have a choice in how you live it can be an amazing breakthrough! When you feel good, you do good, and each area of your life starts to reveal greater possibilities.

I have always been interested in self-improvement, and over the years have found that the following practices keep me feeling my very best:


I wasn’t always training for and running Spartan races. In my early to mid-20s, I competed in several Jiu Jitsu tournaments and was in the best shape of my life up to that point. I kept my mind sharp by not only participating in fights, but organizing them. However, when I started my current company, Webfor, the 80-hour weeks caught up with me and I began to gain weight. It wasn’t until 2014 that I began a regular exercise routine once again that truly served my body and mind, which included Jiu Jitsu classes, running, and eventually, beginning to train for Spartan races with a great group of likeminded people. Now, I exercise in some way at least four times a week, often five, and am once again in the best shape of my life! The positivity, self-confidence, and health I feel motivate me each day to keep going.

Positive Thinking

It sounds cheesy, but replacing negative thoughts with positive ones has been my number one recipe for success for quite some time! I am fascinated by the human mind and how it responds to even slight changes in perception. Just recently, I was assessing my business from the ground up and realized that the limits I had placed on our ability to grow were just that, unnecessary limits! From that moment on, I decided to mentally bust through the glass ceiling I had created and view the limitless blue sky of possibilities beyond! Each day, I try to break through any barrier-like thoughts I have created, sometimes without realizing it, and see beyond into greater opportunity.

My Family

I would be lying if I said my family was not my first and most treasured motivator! I am married to my absolute best friend and we have two incredible children. When I see them, I feel stronger than ever and more motivated to succeed and do more good in the world, if only to make their future brighter.

Setting Goals

Part of what makes me tick are goals. There’s nothing like the expectation of something new and better to keep me motivated. I constantly think of the future and what I would like to achieve. From there, I create achievable steps in the direction of my goal, and move forward steadily until it’s accomplished. That’s a great feeling that motivates me to set more goals!

Vacations & Downtime

Even (and especially) when you’re motivated and excited about life, making time for rest and even the occasional vacation away is essential. I am a firm believer in taking time out to recuperate from a busy life, and schedule this time into my life on a regular basis. Whether I’m watching a movie with my wife, heading out to a new country (we’re seeing Italy for the first time next year!), or just jogging around Lacamas lake, I make a point to seek out what brings me joy.

I’m always excited about life, because I’m alive and get to experience it! What rejuvenates you?